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LexisNexis Announces HPCC Systems, an Open Source Platform to Solve Big Data Problems for Enterprise Customers

This rocks!

From the press release:

NEW YORK, June 15, 2011 – LexisNexis Risk Solutions today announced that it will offer its data intensive supercomputing platform under a dual license, open source model, as HPCC Systems. HPCC Systems is designed for the enterprise to solve big data problems. The platform is built on top of high performance computing technology, and has been proven with customers for the past decade. HPCC Systems provides a high performance computing cluster (HPCC) technology with a single architecture and a consistent data centric programming language. HPCC Systems is an alternative to Hadoop.

“We feel the time is right to offer our HPCC technology platform as a dual license, open source solution. We believe that HPCC Systems will take big data computing to the next level,” said James M. Peck, chief executive officer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “We’ve been doing this quietly for years for our customers with great success. We are now excited to present it to the community to spur greater adoption. We look forward to leveraging the innovation of the open source community to further the development of the platform for the benefit of our customers and the community,” said Mr. Peck.

To manage, sort, link, and analyze billions of records within seconds, LexisNexis developed a data intensive supercomputer that has been proven for the past ten years with customers who need to process large volumes of data. Customers such as leading banks, insurance companies, utilities, law enforcement and federal government leverage the HPCC platform technology through various LexisNexis® products and services. The HPCC platform specializes in the analysis of structured and unstructured data for enterprise class organizations.

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