It’s All Semantic With the New Text-Processing API

It’s All Semantic With the New Text-Processing API

From the post at ProgrammableWeb:

Now I don’t have a master’s degree in Natural language processing, and you just might need one to get your hands dirty with this API. I see the API as offering a mid-level utility for incorporation in a web app. You might take text samples from your source, feed them through the Text-Processing API and analyze those results a bit further before presenting anything to your user.

This offering appears to be the result of a one man effort. Jacob Perkins designed his API as RESTful with JSON responses. It’s free and open for the meantime, but it sounds like Perkins may polish the service a bit and start charging for access. There could be a real market here since only a handful of the 58 semantic APIs in our directory offer results at the technical level.

Interesting and not all that surprising.

Could be a good way to see if you are interested in going further with natural language processing.

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