Giving a Single Name a Single Identity

Giving a Single Name a Single Identity

This was just too precious to pass up.

The securities industry, parts of it anyway, would like to identify what is being traded in a reliable way.

Answer: Well, we’ll just pick a single identifier, etc. Read the article for the details but see near the end:

If you are running a worldwide trading desk in search of buyers or sellers in every corner of the world, you’re going to have a hard time finding them, in a single universal manner, says Robin Strong, Director of Buy-side Market Strategy, at Fidessa Group, a supplier of trading systems.

That is “primarily because the parties involved at the end of the various bits of wire from a single buy-side dealing desk don’t tend to cooperate. They’re all competitors. They want to own their piece of the value chain,’’ whether it’s a coding system or an order management system. “They’ve built a market that they own” and want to protect, he said.

With a topic map you could create a mapping into other markets.

Topic maps: Enhance the market you own with a part of someone else’s.

How is that for a marketing slogan?

Should by some mis-chance a single identifier come about, topic maps can help maintain insider semantics to maintain the unevenness of the playing field.

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