Heroku, Neo4j and Google Spreadsheet in 10min. Flat.

Heroku, Neo4j and Google Spreadsheet in 10min. Flat. by Peter Neubauer

From the description:

This screencast shows how to use Neo4j on Heroku. We will do:

  • Create and install a Heroku app
  • Add a Neo4j instance to it
  • create a custom Ruby app
  • execute Cypher queries
  • Connect to the app using Google Spreadsheet
  • Build a small bar chart from a Cypher query.

Great presentation, with one tiny flaw. That is that the screen was so tiny that one has to guess at the contents of commands. Sure I can come fairly close but a file with transcripts of the terminal sessions and code would be nicer.

Recommend that you download the video for viewing. Watch it once online and you will see what I mean. I ran it on a 22 inch Samsung as full screen and a copy of the command sequence would have been appreciated.

2 Responses to “Heroku, Neo4j and Google Spreadsheet in 10min. Flat.”

  1. peterneubauer says:

    Thanks for the feedback Patrick! This was a small lab project to learn how to do screencasts, hope the next one is better 🙂


  2. Patrick Durusau says:

    Peter, Just watch for my stumbling efforts along the same path late this year, early next! Have your red (correction) pen out when you do!

    Deeply appreciate all the effort and examples of Neo4j. I am starting to trace Marko and your publications in this area for future posts.

    Hope you are having a great day!