FastPhotoStyle [Re-writing Dickens]

Start Photo:

Style Photo:

Result Photo (start + style):


There are several other sample transformations at the webpage.

From the webpage:

This code repository contains an implementation of our fast photorealistic style transfer algorithm. Given a content photo and a style photo, the code can transfer the style of the style photo to the content photo. The details of the algorithm behind the code is documented in our arxiv paper. Please cite the paper if this code repository is used in your publications.

Yijun Li (UC Merced), Ming-Yu Liu (NVIDIA), Xueting Li (UC Merced), Ming-Hsuan Yang (NVIDIA, UC Merced), Jan Kautz (NVIDIA)A Closed-form Solution to Photorealistic Image Stylization” arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.06474

Re-writing Dickens:

Marley: Why do you not believe your own eyes?

Scrooge: Software makes them a cheat! A pass of PhotoShop or a round with Gimp, to say nothing of fast photorealistic style transfer algorithms.

Doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?

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