XML Prague 2018 Conference Proceedings – Weekend Reading!

XML Prague 2018 Conference Proceedings

Two Hundred and Sixty (260) pages of high quality content on XML!

From the table of contents:

  • Assisted Structured Authoring using Conditional Random Fields – Bert Willems
  • XML Success Story: Creating and Integrating Collaboration Solutions to Improve the Documentation Process – Steven Higgs
  • xqerl: XQuery 3.1 Implementation in Erlang – Zachary N. Dean
  • XML Tree Models for Efficient Copy Operations – Michael Kay
  • Using Maven with XML development projects – Christophe Marchand and Matthieu Ricaud-Dussarget
  • Varieties of XML Merge: Concurrent versus Sequential – Tejas Pradip Barhate and Nigel Whitaker
  • Including XML Markup in the Automated Collation of Literary Text – Elli Bleeker, Bram Buitendijk, Ronald Haentjens Dekker, and Astrid Kulsdom
  • Multi-Layer Content Modelling to the Rescue – Erik Siegel
  • Combining graph and tree – Hans-Juergen Rennau
  • SML – A simpler and shorter representation of XML – Jean-François Larvoire
  • Can we create a real world rich Internet application using Saxon-JS? – Pieter Masereeuw
  • Implementing XForms using interactive XSLT 3.0 – O’Neil Delpratt and Debbie Lockett
  • Life, the Universe, and CSS Tests – Tony Graham
  • Form, and Content – Steven Pemberton
  • tokenized-to-tree – Gerrit Imsieke

I just got a refurbished laptop for reading in bed. Now I have to load XML parsers, etc. on it to use along with reading these proceedings!


PS: Be sure to thank Jirka Kosek for his tireless efforts promoting XML and XML Prague!

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