16K+ Hidden Web Services (CSV file)

I subscribe to the Justin at Hunchly Dark Web report. The current issue (daily) and archive are on Dropbox.

The daily issues are archived in .xlsx format. (Bleech!)

Yesterday I grabbed the archive, converted the files to CSV format, catted them together, cleaned up the extra headers and that resulted in a file with 16,814 links. HiddenServices-2017-07-13-2018-01-05.zip.

A number of uses come to mind, seed list for seach engine, browsing by title, sub-setting for more specialized dark web lists, testing presence/absence of sites on sub-lists, etc.

I’m not affliated with Hunch.ly but you should give their Inspector Hunchly a look. From the webpage:

Inspector Hunchly toils in the background of your web browser to track, analyze and store web pages while you perform online investigations.

Forgets nothing, keeps everything.
… (emphasis in original)

When using Inspector Hunchly, be mindful that: Anything you record, can and will be discovered.

PS: The archive I downloaded, separate files for every day, 272.3 MB. My one file, 363.8 KB. Value added?

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