What’s in Your Wallet? Photo Defeats Windows 10 Facial Recognition

It took more than a wallet-sized photo, but until patched, the Window 10 Hello facial recognition feature accepted a near IR printed (340×340 pixel) image to access a Windows device.

Catalin Cimpanu has the details at: Windows 10 Facial Recognition Feature Can Be Bypassed with a Photo.

The disturbing line in Cipanu’s report reads:

The feature is not that widespread since not many devices with the necessary hardware, yet when present, it is often used since it’s quite useful at unlocking computers without having users type in long passwords.

When hardware support for Windows Hello spreads, you can imagine its default use in corporate and government offices.

The Microsoft patch may defeat a 2-D near IR image but for the future, I’d invest in a 3-D printer with the ability to print in the near IR.

I don’t think your Guy Fawkes mask will work on most Windows devices:

But it might make a useful “cover” for a less common mask. If security forces have to search every Guy Fawkes mask, some Guy Fawkes+ masks are bound to slip through. Statistically speaking.

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