Evil Foca [Encourage Upgrades from Windows XP]

Network Security Testing: Evil Foca

From the webpage:

Evil Foca is a tool for security pentesters and auditors whose purpose it is to test security in IPv4 and IPv6 data networks. The software automatically scans the networks and identifies all devices and their respective network interfaces, specifying their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as the physical addresses through a convenient and intuitive interface.

The tool is capable of carrying out various attacks such as:

  • MITM over IPv4 networks with ARP Spoofing and DHCP ACK Injection.
  • MITM on IPv6 networks with Neighbor Advertisement Spoofing, SLAAC attack, fake DHCPv6.
  • DoS (Denial of Service) on IPv4 networks with ARP Spoofing.
  • DoS (Denial of Service) on IPv6 networks with SLAAC DoS.
  • DNS Hijacking.


  • Windows XP or later.

ATMs and users running Windows XP are justification for possessing Windows XP.

But upgrading from Windows XP as an operations platform should be encouraged. For any purpose.


Otherwise, what’s next? A luggable computer for your next assignment?

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