GraphSON and TinkerPop systems

Tips for working with GraphSON and TinkerPop systems by Noah Burrell.

From the post:

If you are working with the Apache TinkerPop™ framework for graph computing, you might want to produce, edit, and save graphs, or parts of graphs, outside the graph database. To accomplish this, you might want a standardized format for a graph representation that is both machine- and human-readable. You might want features for easily moving between that format and the graph database itself. You might want to consider using GraphSON.

GraphSON is a JSON-based representation for graphs. It is especially useful to store graphs that are going to be used with TinkerPop™ systems, because Gremlin (the query language for TinkerPopTM graphs) has a GraphSON Reader/Writer that can be used for bulk upload and download in the Gremlin console. Gremlin also has a Reader/Writer for GraphML (XML-based) and Gryo (Kryo-based).

Unfortunately, I could not find any sort of standardized documentation for GraphSON, so I decided to compile a summary of my research into a single document that would help answer all the questions I had when I started working with it.

Bookmark or better yet, copy-n-paste “Vertex Rules and Conventions” to print on one page and then print “Edge Rules and Conventions” on the other.

Could possibly get both on one page but I like larger font sizes. 😉

Type in the “Example GraphSON Structure” to develop finger knowledge of the format.

Watch for future posts from Noah Burrell. This is useful.

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