Continue Flash? As what? Example of insecure coding?

Some People Want Adobe Flash to Continue as an Open Source Project by Derick Sullivan M. Lobga.

From the post:

Last week we heard the good news that Adobe is officially killing Flash in 2020.

This news was well received by developers and end users alike. Well, at least most people liked the demise of Adobe Flash. But it seems that Adobe Flash has still some fans left.

A group of developers at GitHub have come up with a petition to “save Adobe Flash”. Just a few days after the announcement by Adobe, Juha Linstedt, a web developer with username “Pakastin” on GitHub started a petition calling on Adobe to allow for open source Flash, which he thinks is part of Internet history.

Losing Flash altogether will impair access to resources developed using Flash but even as open source, preserving Flash strikes me as the equivalent of preserving small pox for later study.

If Adobe does open source the necessary components, it could have value as examples of how not to code an application. Or for testing of code auditing tools.

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