Data Journalists! Data Gif Tool (Google)

While not hiding its prior salary discrimination against women, Google has created and released a tool for creating data gifs.

Make your own data gifs with our new tool by Simon Rogers.

From the post:

Data visualizations are an essential storytelling tool in journalism, and though they are often intricate, they don’t have to be complex. In fact, with the growth of mobile devices as a primary method of consuming news, data visualizations can be simple images formatted for the device they appear on.

Enter data gifs.

(gif omitted)

These animations can be used for a variety of sophisticated storytelling approaches among data journalists: one example is Lena Groeger, who has become *the* expert in working with data gifs.

Today we are releasing Data Gif Maker, a tool to help journalists make these visuals, which show share of search interest for two competing topics.

A good way to get your feet wet with simple data gifs.

Don’t be surprised that Google does good things for the larger community while engaging in evil conduct.

Racists sheriffs who used water cannon and dogs on Black children loved their own children and remembered their birthdays. WWII death camps guards attended church. Were kind to small animals.

People and their organizations are complicated and the reading public is ill-served by shallow reporting of only one aspect or another as the “true” view.

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