Hacking Not Limited To Rocket/CS Scientists

Want be a successful hacker but you’re not a rocket/CS scientist? There’s hope!

Lucian Constantin writes in Cyberspies tap free tools to make powerful malware framework:

Over the past year, a group of attackers has managed to infect hundreds of computers belonging to government agencies with a malware framework stitched together from JavaScript code and publicly available tools.

The attack, analyzed by researchers from antivirus firm Bitdefender, shows that cyberespionage groups don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of money in developing unique and powerful malware programs to achieve their goals. In fact, the use of publicly available tools designed for system administration can increase an attack’s efficiency and makes it harder for security vendors to detect it and link it to a particular threat actor.

The Bitdefender researchers have dubbed the newly discovered attack group Netrepser and traced back some of its attack campaigns to May 2016. The group is still active, but to Bitdefender’s knowledge its attacks have never been publicly documented before, which might be in part because its campaigns are highly targeted.

Some tools were developed at public expense (read CIA) and have gained wider usage.

You may not be Stephen Hawking but the effort you are willing to invest determines your success as a hacker.

The question to ask yourself: What am I going to learn today?

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