One For The Hounds – C & C Servers

New Shodan Tool Can Find Malware Command and Control (C&C) Servers by Catalin Cimpanu.

From the post:

Shodan and Recorded Future have launched today a search engine for discovering malware command-and-control (C&C) servers. Named Malware Hunter, this new tool is integrated into Shodan, a search engine for discovering Internet-connected devices.

Malware Hunter works via search bots that crawl the Internet looking for computers configured to function as a botnet C&C server.

In order to trick a C&C server to reveal its location, the search bot uses various predefined requests to pretend to be infected computer that’s reporting back to the C&C server. If the scanned computer responds, Malware Hunter logs the IP and makes it available via the Shodan interface.

Take this news as encouragement to step up your game.

On the upside, perhaps Malware Hunter or some successor will “out” government spy malware.

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