Topic Map Competition

The idea of a topic map competition seems like a good one to me.

We need to demonstrate that topic map development isn’t like a trip to the ontological dentist or protologist.

Just some random thoughts that hopefully can firm up in the near future.

Suggest starting off with two contests, with two different data sets.

24-Hour Topic Map

A 24 hour contest, with points, in part, for inclusion of participants in different time zones. To encourage the spread of topic maps around the globe.

Each team would be encouraged (required?) to keep a blog while developing the topic map so that the progress of the map, interaction with others, etc., could be documented.

Points to be awarded for participants in different time zones (up to 24 points), up to 25 points for extraction of subjects/creation of topic map structures, up to 25 points for the interface/delivery, and up to 26 points for generality of the scripts/software used in generating the map.

The greatest number of points being for generality of scripts/software so we can encourage others to try these techniques on their own data sets.

7-Day Topic Map

Not unlike the 24-Hour Topic Map (24HTM) contest except that with a much longer time period, the expectations for the results are much higher.

Points should still be awarded for participants in different time zones but should drop to 12 points, extraction/subject map structures should remain at up to 25 points, interfaces/delivery should go up to 31 points and scripts/software, up to 32 points.

Since the teams will be composed of multiple individuals, I suspect prizes are going to be limited to award certificates, listing on public websites as the winners, etc.

Any number of governments are mandating a transition to digital records (including XML) as though that will solve their access problems. For those seeking contracts, being recognized for work with a data set from a particular government could not hurt.

I suppose that may depend on whether the government views you as having permission to work with the data set. 😉

This is a very rough draft and needs a lot more details before being something practical.

PS: Should either one or both or some other variation of this suggestion prove popular, contests could be run on a monthly basis.

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