How to weigh a dog with a ruler? [Or Price a US Representative?]

How to weigh a dog with a ruler? (looking for translators)

From the post:

We are working on a series of comic books that introduce statistical thinking and could be used as activity booklets in primary schools. Stories are built around adventures of siblings: Beta (skilled mathematician) and Bit (data hacker).

What is the connection between these comic books and R? All plots are created with ggplot2.

The first story (How to weigh a dog with a ruler?) is translated to English, Polish and Czech. If you would like to help us to translate this story to your native language, just write to me (przemyslaw.biecek at gmail) or create an issue on GitHub. It’s just 8 pages long, translations are available on Creative Commons BY-ND licence.

The key is to chart animals by their height as against their weight.

Pricing US Representatives is likely to follow a similar relationship where their priced goes up by years of service in Congress.

I haven’t run the data but such a chart would keep “people” (includes corporations in the US) from paying too much or offering too little. To the embarrassment of all concerned.

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