The Koch Brothers are Attacking Libraries – FYI – Funding Appeal

EveryLibrary has a funding appeal you need to seriously consider.

The Koch Brothers are Attacking Libraries

From the post:

We are continuing to see the Koch Brothers Super PAC, Americans for Prosperity go after libraries. This last election cycle was the fifth clear example of their involvement in the agenda to defund libraries. We need your help to fight back. When the Koch Brothers and AFP puts out an anti-tax and anti-library attack, they do it with direct mail and robocalls – and they always do it late in the campaign. We need the resources to confront these anti-tax forces before they can start in the next town. Help us stop them with a one time donation today or a $5-10 monthly donation.
… (emphasis in original)

I won’t repeat the crimes committed against libraries by the Koch Brothers and their Super PAC, Americans for Prosperity, here, they are too sickening. The EveryLibrary post has a sub-set of their offenses described.

Be sure to check out the EveryLibrary site and their journal, The Political Librarian.

From their What We Do page:

EveryLibrary is the first and only national organization dedicated to building voter support for libraries. We are chartered “to promote public, school, and college libraries, including by advocating in support of public funding for libraries and building public awareness of public funding initiatives”. Our primary work is to support local public libraries when they have a referendum or measure on the ballot. We do this in three ways: by training library staff, trustees, and volunteers to plan and run effective Information Only campaigns; by assisting local Vote Yes committees on planning and executing Get Out the Vote work for their library’s measure; and by speaking directly to the public about the value and relevance of libraries and librarians. Our focus on activating voters on Election Day is unique in the library advocacy ecosystem. This is reflected in the training and coaching we do for campaigns.

If you have ever fantasized about saving the Library at Alexandria or opposing the sack of Rome by the Vandals and the Visigoths, now is your chance to do more than fantasize.

Libraries are islands of knowledge under siege by the modern analogues of the barbarians that plunged the world into centuries of darkness.

Will you piss and moan on Facebook, Twitter, etc. about the crumbling defenses of libraries or will you take your place on the ramparts?


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