“connecting the dots” requires dots (Support Michael Best)

Michael Best is creating a massive archive of government documents.

From the post:

Since 2015, I’ve published millions of government documents (about 10% of the text items on the Internet Archive, with some items containing thousands of documents) and terabytes of data; but in order to keep going, I need your help. Since I’ve gotten started, no outlet has matched the number of government documents that I’ve published and made freely available. The only non-governmental publisher that rivals the size and scope of the government files I’ve uploaded is WikiLeaks. While I analyze and write about these documents, I consider publishing them to be more important because it enables and empowers an entire generation of journalists, researchers and students of history.

I’ve also pressured government agencies into making their documents more widely available. This includes the more than 13,000,000 pages of CIA documents that are being put online soon, partially in response to my Kickstarter and publishing efforts. These documents are coming from CREST, which is a special CIA database of declassified records. Currently, it can only be accessed from four computers in the world, all of them just outside of Washington D.C. These records, which represent more than 3/4 of a million CIA files, will soon be more accessible than ever – but even once that’s done, there’s a lot more work left to do.

Question: Do you want a transparent and accountable Trump presidency?

Potential Answers include:

1) Yes, but I’m going to spend time and resources hyper-ventilating with others and roaming the streets.

2) Yes, and I’m going to support Michael Best and FOIA efforts.

Governments, even Trump’s presidency, don’t spring from ocean foam.


The people chosen fill cabinet and other posts have history, in many cases government history.

For example, I heard a rumor today that Ed Meese, a former government crime lord, is on the Trump transition team. Hell, I thought he was dead.

Michael’s efforts produce the dots that connect past events, places, people, and even present administrations.

The dots Michael produces may support your expose, winning story and/or indictment.

Are you in or out?

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