The TPP Is Dead! Really Most Sincerely Dead! (Celebration Is In Order!)

Obama Administration Gives Up on Pacific Trade Deal by William Mauldin.

From the post:

The Obama administration on Friday gave up all hope of enacting its sweeping Pacific trade agreement, a pact designed to preserve U.S. economic influence in fast-growing Asia that was buried by a wave of antitrade political sentiment that culminated with Tuesday’s presidential election….


I have ranted about the largely secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement on several occasions.

Negotiated entirely in secret and even worse, designed to be kept secret from the citizens of signing countries, among the worse provisions (there were several), were those enabling investors to sue sovereign countries if laws diminished their investments.

I don’t know, like health warnings on cigarettes for example.

With the election of Donald Trump, I should say president-elect Donald Trump, the TPP is dead. (full stop)

As the proverb says:

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Whatever your feelings about president-elect Donald Trump and any of his decisions/policies as president, the defeat of the TPP is one for the win column.

Hazards and dangers lie ahead, just as they would for any presidency, but take a moment to appreciate this win.

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