ggplot2 cheatsheet updated – other R spreadsheets

RStudio Cheat Sheets

I saw a tweet that the ggplot2 cheatsheet has been updated.

Here’s a list of all the cheatsheets available at RStudio:

  • R Markdown Cheat Sheet
  • RStudio IDE Cheat Sheet
  • Shiny Cheat Sheet
  • Data Visualization Cheat Sheet
  • Package Development Cheat Sheet
  • Data Wrangling Cheat Sheet
  • R Markdown Reference Guide

Contributed Cheatsheets

  • Base R
  • Advanced R
  • Regular Expressions
  • How big is your graph? (base R graphics)

I have deliberately omitted links as when cheat sheets are updated, the links will break and/or you will get outdated information.

Use and reference the RStudio Cheat Sheets page.


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