Is Google Fancy Bear? Or is Microsoft? Factions of Fancy Bear?

Fancy Bear: Russia-linked hackers blamed for exploiting Windows zero-day flaw.

From the post:

MICROSOFT IS USING a new tactic to get people to upgrade to Windows 10 by warning that those who don’t could fall victim to Russian hackers.

The company said in a security advisory that a hacking group previously linked to the Russian government and US political hacks has exploited a newly discovered Windows zero-day flaw that was outed by Google earlier this week.

Microsoft claimed that the hacking group ‘Strontium’, more commonly known as ‘Fancy Bear’, had carried out a small number of attacks using spear phishing techniques.

Too much of a coincidence Google drops a zero-day flaw the same week it shows up in the wild from Fancy Bear?

Too much of a coincidence Windows 10 is the magic solution to an “all Windows/all the time” vulnerability?

Could Google and Microsoft be rival factions of Fancy Bear?

The super-hackers in North Korea, should be offended by the obsession with Fancy Bear. Double ditto for the Chinese warlord class hackers.

For months, years in internet time, it’s Fancy Bear this and Fancy Bear that. Your toaster on the blink, must be Fancy Bear. Your printer is jammed, must be Fancy Bear. Worried about hacking paper ballots? Must be Fancy Bear.

Despite DNI James Clapper‘s paranoid and Hillary Clinton-serving fantasies, there is more to attribution than saying a catchy name.

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