9,477 DKIM Verified Clinton/Podesta Emails (of 39,878 total (today))

Still working on the email graph and at the same time, managed to catch up on the Clinton/Podesta drops by Michael Best, @NatSecGeek, at least for a few hours.

DKIM-verified-podesta-1-24.txt.gz is a sub-set of 9,477 emails that have been verified by their DKIM keys.

The statements in or data attached to those emails may still be false. DKIM verification only validates the email being the same as when it left the email server, nothing more.

DKIM-complete-podesta-1-24.txt.gz is the full set of Podesta emails to date, some 39,878, with their DKIM results of either True or False.

Both files have these fields:

ID – 1| Verified – 2| Date – 3| From – 4| To – 5| Subject -6| Message-Id – 7

Question: Have you seen any news reports that mention emails being “verified” in their reporting?

Emails in the complete set may be as accurate as those in the verified set, but I would think verification is newsworthy in and of itself.


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