Clinton/Podesta Emails 23 and 24, True or False? Cryptographically Speaking

Catching up on the Clinton/Podesta email releases from Wikileaks, via Michael Best, NatSecGeek. Michael bundles the releases up and posts them at: Podesta emails (zipped).

For anyone coming late to the game, DKIM “verified” means that the DKIM signature on an email is valid for that email.

In lay person’s terms, that email has been proven by cryptography to have originated from a particular mail server and when it left that mail server, it read exactly as it does now, i.e., no changes by Russians or others.

What I have created are files that lists the emails in the order they appear at Wikileaks, with the very next field being True or False on the verification issue.

Just because an email has “False” in the second column doesn’t mean it has been modified or falsified by the Russians.

DKIM signatures fail for all manner of reasons but when they pass, you have a guarantee the message is intact as sent.

For your research into these emails:




For release 24, I did have to remove the DKIM signature on 39256 00010187.eml in order for the script to succeed. That is the only modification I made to either set of files.

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