Another Day, Another Law To Ignore – Burner Drones Anyone?

Sweden bans cameras on drones, deeming it illegal surveillance by Lisa Vaas.

From the post:

Sweden last week banned the use of camera drones without a special permit, infuriating hobby flyers and an industry group but likely pleasing privacy campaigners.

Drone pilots will now have to show that there’s a legitimate benefit that outweighs the public’s right to privacy – and there are no exemptions for journalists, nor any guarantee that a license will be granted.

The cost of a license depends on variables such as the takeoff weight of the drone and whether it’s going to be flown further than the pilot can see, and none of the licenses are cheap. Costs range from an annual license fee of €1,200 right up to a maximum hourly fee of €36,000.

UAS Sweden (Unmanned Aerial System – SWEDEN) has objected to the ruling on the potential for loss of jobs.

The interests of the industry will be better met with development and advocacy of burner drones. Similar to a burner cellphone, it isn’t intended for recovery/re-use.

Burner drones are critical to reporting on government attacks like the one imminent on #NoDAPL camps (North Dakota).

Burner drones keep journalists beyond the reach of batons, tear gas and water canon, all good things.

Just searching quickly, Airblock has the right idea but its capabilities are too limited to make an effective burner drone for journalists.

Something on that order, with a camera, longer range/duration, modular is good, especially if you can add on parts that “bite.”

Privacy advocates miss the fact there is no privacy in the face of modern government surveillance. Banning drones only reduces the ability of people to counter-spy upon their less than truthful governments.

In case you are interested, the administrative court ruling in question:

The organization of camera on a drone but not for the camera in a car


The Supreme Administrative Court has in two judgments found that a camera mounted on a drone requires a permit under camera surveillance law while a camera mounted behind the windscreen of a car or on a bicycle handlebar does not need permission.

Please ping me with notices of burner drone projects. Thanks!

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