Guccifer 2.0’s October 3rd 2016 Data Drop – Old News? (7 Duplicates out of 2085 files)

However amusing the headline ‘Guccifer 2.0’ Is Bullshitting Us About His Alleged Clinton Foundation Hack may be, Lorenzo Fanchschi-Bicchierai offers no factual evidence to support his claim,

… the hacker’s latest alleged feat appears to be a complete lie.

Or should I say that:

  • Clinton Foundation denies it has been hacked
  • The Hill whines about who is a donor where
  • The Daily Caller says, “nothing to see here, move along, move along”

hardly qualifies as anything I would rely on.

Checking the file names is one rough check for duplication.

First, you need a set of the file names for all the releases on Guccifer 2.0’s blog:

Relying on file names alone is iffy as the same “content” can be in files with different names, or different content in files with the same name. But this is a rough cut against thousands of documents, so file names it is.

So you can check my work, I saved a copy of the files listed at the blog in date order: guccifer2.0-File-List-By-Blog-Date.txt..

For combining files for use with uniq, you will need a sorted, uniq version of that file: guccifer2.0-File-List-Blog-Sorted-Uniq-lc-final.txt.

Next, there was a major dump of files under the file name 7dc58-ngp-van.7z, approximately 820 MB of files. (Not listed on the blog but from Guccifer 2.0.)

You can use your favorite tool set or grab a copy of: 7dc58-ngp-van-Sorted-Uniq-lc-final.txt.

You need to combine those file names with those from the blog to get a starting set of names for comparison against the alleged Clinton Foundation hack.

Combining those two file name lists together, sorting them and creating a unique list of file names results in: guccifer2.0-30Sept2016-Sorted-Unique.txt.

Follow the same process for ebd-cf.7z, the file that dropped on the 3rd of October 2016. Or grab: ebd-cf-file-Sorted-Uniq-lc-final.txt.

Next, combine guccifer2.0-30Sept2016-Sorted-Unique.txt (the files we knew about before the 3rd of October) with ebd-cf-file-Sorted-Uniq.txt, and sort those file names, resulting in: guccifer2.0-30Sept2016-plus-ebd-cf-file-Sorted.txt.

The final step is to apply uniq -d to guccifer2.0-30Sept2016-plus-ebd-cf-file-Sorted.txt, which should give you the duplicate files, comparing the files in ebd-cf.7z to those known before September 30, 2016.

The results?

11-26-08 nfc members raised.xlsx

Seven files out of 2085 doesn’t sound like a high degree of duplication.

At least not to me.


PS: On the allegations about the Russians, you could ask the Communists in the State Department or try the Army General Staff. 😉 Some of McCarty’s records are opening up if you need leads.

PPS: Use the final sorted, unique file list to check future releases by Guccifer 2.0. It might help you avoid bullshitting the public.

5 Responses to “Guccifer 2.0’s October 3rd 2016 Data Drop – Old News? (7 Duplicates out of 2085 files)”

  1. harley999 says:


    The August 12 files are no longer on Guccifer 2.0’s blog. I take it you saved them before they were removed.

  2. harley999 says:

    There’s a file called ‘2016 Red to Blue Memo’ that was released on June 18 and again on 4 October. Are you sure your list is accurate?

  3. Patrick Durusau says:

    Err, that would be one assumption, but not the correct one. 😉

    Files persist despite being “removed” by their hosting services.

  4. Patrick Durusau says:

    Checking I ran:

    grep 2016-red-to-blue on guccifer2.0-30Sept2016-Sorted-Unique.txt.

    To avoid processing errors by me, I ran:

    7z l ebd-cf.7z | grep -i 2016-red-to-blue

    no match.

    Are you sure about that file being in the Oct. 4 dump?

  5. harley999 says:

    Re removed files: Thanks. I’m not a techie.
    Re: Red to Blue: It was in my download. It’s the first time I’ve downloaded any files from G2. I compared what I downloaded with the listings on his blog (but subsequently gave up on the eyeballing method as it was the only one I spotted and not a good method).