Graph Computing with Apache TinkerPop

From the description:

Apache TinkerPop serves as an Apache governed, vendor-agnostic, open source initiative providing a standard interface and query language for both OLTP- and OLAP-based graph systems. This presentation will outline the means by which vendors implement TinkerPop and then, in turn, how the Gremlin graph traversal language is able to process the vendor’s underlying graph structure. The material will be presented from the perspective of the DSEGraph team’s use of Apache TinkerPop in enabling graph computing features for DataStax Enterprise customers.


Marko is brutally honest.

He warns the early part of his presentation is stream of consciousness and that is the truth!


That takes you to time mark 11:37 and the description of Gremlin as a language begins.

Marko slows, momentarily, but rapidly picks up speed.

Watch the video, then grab the slides and mark what has captured your interest. Use the slides as your basis for exploring Gremlin and Apache TinkerPop documentation.


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