Value-Add Of Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Email Archive?

I was checking Wikileaks today for any new document drops on Hillary Clinton, but only found:

WikiLeaks offers award for #LabourLeaks

Trade in Services Agreement

Assange Medical and Psychological Records

The lesson from the last item is to always seek asylum in a large embassy, preferably one with a pool. You can search at Embassies by embassy for what country, located in what other country. I did not see an easy way to search for size and accommodations.

Oh, not finding any new data on Hillary Clinton, I checked the Hillary Clinton Email Archive at Wikileaks:


Compare that to the State Department FOIA server for Clinton_Email:


Do you see a value-add to Wikileaks re-posting the State Department’s posting of Hillary’s emails?

If yes, please report in comments below the value-add you see. (Thanks in advance.)

If not, what do you think would be a helpful value-add to the Hillary Clinton emails? (Suggestions deeply appreciated.)

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