Threats Against Democracy – Try Threats Against “Innocent” Users

After posting about truth telling being a threat to democracy, in the eyes of some, I encountered: Facebook Phishing Scam Using Pornographic Images to Steal Login Data, which reads in part:

There is no way to stop cyber criminals from stealing login credentials of innocent social media users — Recently, one of the HackRead’s writers found a Facebook phishing scam targeting users and stealing their login data. What makes this phishing scam dangerous is the fact that apparently non of the phishing filters have detected any wrongdoing with the links used in this campaign.

Cyber criminals behind this scam have three motives one is to steal users’ login credentials, the second is to get some likes on their Facebook page and third is to profit financially. It starts with scammers posting a link in the comments section of several Facebook groups with a large thumbnail of a nude girl but to make it look like a legit link scammers also mention that video already got hundreds of comments, shares plus thousands of views. The description on the link goes something like this ”groups teen-girl-japannese-18-[retracted]–010 Click HERE to view video recorded 2.381 Likes, 749 Comments, 9.185 Views, 571 Share.”

Now there’s a serious security issue!

Taking advantage of users who are surfing Facebook for porn.

Talk about fishing (sorry) in the shallow end of the security pool.

Hard to say what other access could be leveraged using Facebook logins of such users.

Nuclear launch computers, remote admin at NSA, White House switchboard, free pizza line at Papa Johns. I take that back, Papa Johns probably has better OpSec than the others I mentioned. (That’s sarcasm for all the literalists in the crowd.)

Phishing With Pornography would make a great book title but I don’t know what sort of animal(s) should go on the cover. (Something from National Lampoon perhaps?)


PS: If you think this indicates I have little sympathy for victims of pornography-based phishing schemes, take a point for your house.

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