TUGBoat – The Complete Set

Norm Walsh tweeted an offer of circa 1990 issues of TUGBoat for free to a good home today (30 June 2016).

On the off chance that you, like me, have only a partial set, consider the full set, TUGBoat Contents, 1980 1:1 to date.

From the TUGBoat homepage:

The TUGboat journal is a unique benefit of joining TUG. It is currently published three times a year and distributed to all TUG members (for that year). Anyone can also buy copies from the TUG store.

We post articles online after about one year for the benefit of the entire TeX community, but TUGboat is funded by member support. So please consider joining TUG if you find TUGboat useful.

TUGboat publishes the proceedings of the TUG Annual Meetings, and sometimes other conferences. A list of other publications by TUG, and by other user groups is available.

This is an opportunity to support the TeX Users Group (TUG) without looking for a future home for your printed copies of TUGBoat. Donate to TUG and read online!


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