Mapping Domains to Domainers

Epik Has Epic Semantic Web Plans For Its Domains and Domainers

Unfortunate article about how people who park domains to extort money from others can use semantic technologies to supply content to their sites.

I was thinking last night of a much different use of semantic technologies with regard to domainers.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a topic map that traces all the parked and frivolous domains?

That is creates topics to represent the same so Google and other search services can simply exclude those sites from search results?

There’s one useful result right there.

Another useful result would be to associate the individuals who work for or own such companies with those companies.

They are certainly free to generate domain names and snap them up by the thousands, while junking up search results for all the rest of us.

But, then we are also free to choose who we will associate with.

Topic maps can help us bring honor and shame to the WWW. Has worked for centuries, no reason it should not work now.

PS: Maybe we could have contests, Find that Domainer, how many minutes, seconds will it take you to identify a domainer from a domain name? Or to locate their photo? Or place of business/residence on Google maps?

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