New York Fed As Vending Machine

Cyberecurity at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is said to equal:


But as Krishna N. Das and Jonathan Spicer report in Exclusive: NY Fed first rejected cyber-heist transfers, then moved $81 million, it is more akin to putting slugs into a vending machine.

A “slug” is a mental object about the size and weight of a coin and can be placed in a vending machine, some of which will credit you as if money were deposited. Condom vending machines are frequent victims of “slugs.”


Das and Spicer report that the Fed rejected improperly formatted requests, only upon resubmission later that day, pay out $101 million, $20 which was reversed do to a misspelling.

After reading Das and Spicer, should the Superman’s fortress key or the condom vending machine image appear on the next cybersecurity report for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York?

I’m voting for the condom vending machine.


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