Quantum Shannon Theory (Review Request)

Quantum Shannon Theory by John Preskill.


This is the 10th and final chapter of my book on Quantum Information, based on the course I have been teaching at Caltech since 1997. An early version of this chapter (originally Chapter 5) has been available on the course website since 1998, but this version is substantially revised and expanded. The level of detail is uneven, as I’ve aimed to provide a gentle introduction, but I’ve also tried to avoid statements that are incorrect or obscure. Generally speaking, I chose to include topics that are both useful to know and relatively easy to explain; I had to leave out a lot of good stuff, but on the other hand the chapter is already quite long. This is a working draft of Chapter 10, which I will continue to update. See the URL on the title page for further updates and drafts of other chapters, and please send me an email if you notice errors. Eventually, the complete book will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Prekill tweeted requesting reviews of and comments on this 112 page “chapter” from Quantum Information (forthcoming, appropriately, no projected date).

Be forewarned that Preskill compresses classical information theory into 14 pages or so. 😉

You can find more chapters at: Quantum Computation.

Previous problem sets with solutions are also available.

Quantum computing is coming. Are you going to be the first quantum hacker?


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