Open Data Institute – Join From £1 (Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), “Nein!”)

A new offer for membership in the Open Data Institute:

Data impacts everybody. It’s the infrastructure that underpins transparency, accountability, public services, business innovation and civil society.

Together we can embrace open data to improve how we access healthcare services, discover cures for diseases, understand our governments, travel around more easily and much, much more.

Are you eager to learn more about it, collaborate with it or meet others who are already making a difference with it? From just £1 join our growing, collaborative global network of individuals, students, businesses, startups and organisations, and receive:

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  • 20% reduction on our annual ODI Summit

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If you search for Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), the hoarders of the Panama Papers, you will come up empty.

SZ is in favor of transparency and accountability, but only for others. Never for SZ.

SZ claims in some venues to be concerned with the privacy of individuals mentioned in the Panama Papers.

How to judge between privacy rights of individuals, parties to looting nations, against the public’s right to judge reporting on the same? How is financial regulation reform possible without the details?

SZ is comfortable with protecting looters of nations and obstructing meaningful financial reform.

You can judge news media by the people they protect.

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