Clojure/west 2016 – Videos! [+ Unix Sort Trick]

I started seeing references to Clojure/west 2016 videos and to marginally increase your access to them, I have sorted them by author and with a Unix sort trick, by title.

Unix Sort Trick (truthfully, just a new switch to me)

Having the videos in author order is useful but other people may remember a title and not the author.

I want to sort the already created <li> elements with sort, but you can see the obvious problem.

By default, sort uses the entire line for sorting, which given the urls, isn’t going to give the order I want.

To the rescue, the -k switch for sort, which allows you to define which field and character offset in that field to use for sorting.

In this case, I used 1, the default field and then character offset 74, the first character following the > of the <a> element.

Resulted in:

In full: sort -k 1.74 sort-file.txt > sorted-file.txt

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