UC Davis Spent $175,000.00 To Suppress This Image (let’s disappoint them)


If you have a few minutes, could you repost this image to your blog and/or Facebook page?

Some references you may want to cite include:

Pepper-sprayed students outraged as UC Davis tried to scrub incident from web by Anita Chabria

Calls for UC Davis chancellor’s ouster grow amid Internet scrubbing controversy by Sarah Parvini and Ruben Vives.

UC Davis Chancellor Faces Calls To Resign Over Pepper Spray Incident (NPR)

Katehi’s effort to alter search engine results backfires spectacularly

UC Davis’ damage control: Dumb-de-dumb-dumb

Reposting the image and links to the posts cited above will help disappoint the mislaid plans to suppress it.

What is more amazing than the chancellor thinking information on the Internet can be suppressed, at least for a paltry $175K, is this pattern will be repeated year after year.

Lying about information known to others is a losing strategy, always.

But that strategy will be picked up by other universities, governments and their agencies, corporations, to say nothing of individuals.

Had UC Davis spent that $175K on better training for its police officers, people would still talk about this event but it would be in contrast to the new and improved way US Davis deals with protesters.

That’s not likely to happen now.

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