Logan CIJ Symposium 2016 – Speaker Contacts

For some reason, conference organizers appear to abhor gathering speaker contact information to a common location. Or in such a way that it could be quickly re-purposed, say for creating a twitter list of those speakers.

The Logan CIJ Syposium 2016 was no different.

But, rather than complain to the conference organizers, I have collated the contact information (if any), for each speaker:

Some had weblinks only, while others only had Twitter accounts.

William Binney, Bernd Fix, John Goetz, Seymour Hersh, Caroline Nevejan, Ana Naomi de Sousa, and Christina Varvia had no contact information listed at all.

I started to ferret that out but then decided perhaps it wasn’t listed for a good reason.

Two requests:

First, pass this list along to others interested in journalism, news and reporting.

Second, point out to conference organizers that presenting author/presenter contact information in a re-usable format benefits everyone in their community.

Re-usable author/presenter contact information in a single location should be the default, not the exceptional case.

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