Valentine’s Day Hearts

If you have an appropriate other to send Valentine’s cards, greetings, etc., consider:

Can we make a love heart with LaTeX?

A few of the images you can customize:




For searches like “valentines day hearts TeX” and “valentines day hearts LaTeX,” you really wish that Google was less “helpful.”

As you know, TeX “corrects” to text and LaTeX, well, you know how that is corrected. 😉

Even if you convince Google that you really meant “TeX,” the returns remain mostly garbage.

Here a search that returns 74 “hits” that Google dedupes down to 18 (most of which are dupes):

valentine heart

But 18 “hits” are manageable:

drawing water droplets with tikz mentions Example: Valentine heart at

Then you will find 13 “hits” that include this sentence:

We have questions about Christmas trees and Hearts for Valentines but we have no questions that specialize in Halloween or Dia de los Muertos art.

Why Google doesn’t dedupe those isn’t known.

I tried several of the better known TeX/LaTeX sites with “valentine” and the site name. Not anything like a comprehensive survey but there were several zero search results.

Is it the case that the TeX/LaTeX communities don’t have much interest in Valentine heart drawing? 😉

You will fare even worse if you search for heart limited to the domain

On the other hand, SVG and valentine “searches” fairly well.

Here’s one from Wiki Commons:


Credit your sources (discretely) on any artwork you reproduce.


PS: Now all I have to do is corral an old inkjet color printer into working as a local printer, pray the color cartridge hasn’t dried up, etc. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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