Tip #20: Play with Racket [Computer Science for Everyone?]

Tip #20: Play with Racket by Aaron Quint and Michael R. Bernstein.

From the post:

Racket is a programming language in the Lisp tradition that is different from other programming languages in a few important ways. It can be any language you want – because Racket is heavily used for pedagogy, it has evolved into a suite of languages and tools that you can use to explore as many different programming paradigms as you can think of. You can also download it and play with it right now, without installing anything else, or knowing anything at all about computers or programming. Watching Matthias Felleisen’s “big-bang: the world, universe, and network in the programming language” talk will give you an idea of how Racket can be used to help people learn how to think about mathematics, computation, and more. Try it out even if you “hate Lisp” or “don’t know how to program” – it’s really a lot of fun.

Aaron and Michael scooped President Obama’s computer science skills for everyone by a day:

President Barack Obama said Saturday he will ask Congress for billions of dollars to help students learn computer science skills and prepare for jobs in a changing economy.

“In the new economy, computer science isn’t an optional skill. It’s a basic skill, right along with the three R’s,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address….(Obama Wants $4B to Help Students Learn Computer Science)

The “computer science for everyone” is a popular chant but consider the Insecure Internet of Things (IIoT).

Will minimal computer science skills increase or decrease the level of security for the IIoT?

That’s what I think too.

Removal of IoT components is the only real defense. Expect a vibrant cottage industry to grow up around removing IoT components.

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