A Comprehensive Guide to Google Search Operators

A Comprehensive Guide to Google Search Operators by Marcela De Vivo.

From the post:

Google is, beyond question, the most utilized and highest performing search engine on the web. However, most of the users who utilize Google do not maximize their potential for getting the most accurate results from their searches.

By using Google Search Operators, you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and effectively just by changing what you input into the search bar.

If you are searching for something simple on Google like [Funny cats] or [Francis Ford Coppola Movies] there is no need to use search operators. Google will return the results you are looking for effectively no matter how you input the words.

Note: Throughout this article whatever is in between these brackets [ ] is what is being typed into Google.

When [Francis Ford Coppola Movies] is typed into Google, Google reads the query as Francis AND Ford AND Coppola AND Movies. So Google will return pages that have all those words in them, with the most relevant pages appearing first. Which is fine when you’re searching for very broad things, but what if you’re trying to find something specific?

What happens when you’re trying to find a report on the revenue and statistics from the United States National Park System in 1995 from a reliable source, and no using Wikipedia.

I can’t say that Marcela’s guide is comprehensive for Google in 2016, because I am guessing the post was written in 2013. Hard to say if early or late 2013 without more research than I am willing donate. Dating posts makes it easy for readers to spot current or past-use-date information.

For the information that is present, this is a great presentation and list of operators.

One way to use this post is to work through every example but use terms from your domain.

If you are mining the web for news reporting, compete against yourself on successive stories or within a small group.

Great resource for creating a search worksheet for classes.

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