SnowCrew: Volunteer to Help Your Neighbors [Issue Tracking For Snow Shoveling]

SnowCrew: Volunteer to Help Your Neighbors

From the post:

Here’s how to see who needs help shoveling near you:
  1. Zoom into the map on the left (below on mobile) to where you live or want to help shovel
  2. When you locate someone nearby, click on the issue for more information
  3. Click on the link on this issue to be taken to the issue on SeeClickFix
  4. While on the issue in SeeClickFix, leave a comment to let the person who requested help, and other volunteers know you are heading over to help.
  5. When you are done, go back to the issue and close it so the person who made the request and other volunteers know it is complete.
  6. Give yourself a Hi5 for being an awesome neighbor!

Disclaimer: By volunteering, you do so at your own risk.

A great illustration of a simple interface.

Compare and contrast with topic map interfaces where an errant select or keystroke, opens up new, possibly duplicated options.

If our “working memory” can only hold up to 7 items, what is the result of inflicting more seven options on users?

Pay attention to the next time you use a complex application, like a word processor or spreadsheet. Some people do quite complex operations with them but day to day, how many options do you use?

Certainly, a large number of options are available, when you need them, but how many do you use day to day?

I’ll tell you mine: open, close, save, search/replace, copy, paste, insert and I use what has been described as a “thermonuclear word processor.” 😉

It has more options than MS Word but I don’t have to use them unless needed.

That’s the trick isn’t it? To expose users to the options they need, but only when needed and not before.

A topic map interface that requires me to choose between Berkeley and Hume on causation (assuming I remember the arguments clearly), isn’t going to be popular or terribly useful.

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