Windows 10 covertly sends your disk-encryption keys to Microsoft

Windows 10 covertly sends your disk-encryption keys to Microsoft by Cory Doctorow.

Cory gives a harrowing list of “unprecedented anti-user features” in Windows 10.

It is a must read for anyone trying to build support for a move to an open source OS.

Given the public reception of the Snowden revelations, are the “unprecedented anti-user features” a deliberate strategy by Microsoft to escape the clutches of both US and other governments demanding invasion of user privacy?

There has to be a sufficient market for MS to transition to application and OS support for enterprise level open source software and weaning enterprises off of Windows 10 would be one way to establish that market.

After all, GM isn’t going to call your local IT shop for support, even with an open source OS. Much more likely to call Microsoft, which has the staff and historical expertise to manage enterprise systems.

Sure, MS may lose the thin-margin projects at the bottom if it becomes entirely an open source organization but imagine the impact it will have on big data startups.

The high end/high profit markets in software will remain whether the income is from licensing or support/customization services.

That would certainly explain the recent trend towards open source projects at MS. And driving customers away from Windows 10 is probably easier than spiking the Windows/Office teams embedded at MS.

Corporate politics, don’t you just love it? 😉

If management talks about switching to Windows 10, you know the sign to give your co-workers from Helix:


For non-Helix fans: RUN LIKE HELL!

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