Voter Record Privacy? WTF?

Leaky database tramples privacy of 191 million American voters by Dell Cameron.

From the post:

The voter information of more than 191 million Americans—including full names, dates of birth, home addresses, and more—was exposed online for anyone who knew the right IP address.

The misconfigured database, which was reportedly shut down at around 7pm ET Monday night, was discovered by security researcher Chris Vickery. Less than two weeks ago, Vickery also exposed a flaw in MacKeeper’s database, similarly exposing 13 million customer records.

What amazes me about this “leak” is the outrage is focused on the 191+ million records being online.


What about the six or seven organizations who denied being the owners of the IP address in question?

I take it none of them denied having possession of the same or essentially the same data, just that they didn’t “leak” it.

Quick question: Was voter privacy breached when these six or seven organizations got the same data or when it went online?

I would say when the Gang of Six or Seven got the same data.

You don’t have any meaningful voter privacy, aside from your actual ballot, and with your credit record (also for sale), you voting behavior can be nailed too.

You don’t have privacy but the Gang of Six or Seven do.

Attempting to protect lost privacy is pointless.

Making corporate overlords lose their privacy as well has promise.

PS: Torrents of corporate overlord data? Much more interesting than voter data.

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