China Pulls Alongside US in Race to No Privacy

China passes law requiring tech firms to hand over encryption keys by Mark Wilson.

From the post:

Apple may have said that it opposes the idea of weakening encryption and providing governments with backdoors into products, but things are rather different in China. The Chinese parliament has just passed a law that requires technology companies to comply with government requests for information, including handing over encryption keys.

Mark doesn’t provide a link to the text of the new law and I don’t read Chinese in any event. I will look for an English translation to pass onto you.

Reading from Mark’s summary, I assume “handing over encryption keys” puts China alongside the United States as far as breaking into iPhones.

Apple doesn’t have the encryption keys for later models of iPhones and therefore possesses nothing to be surrendered.

Now that China is even with the United States, who will take the lead in diminishing privacy is a toss-up. Not to be forgotten is France, with its ongoing “state of emergency.” Will that become a permanent state of emergency in 2016?

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