Five Key Phases of Software Development – Ambiguity


It isn’t clear to me if the answer is wrong because:

  • Failure to follow instructions: No description followed the five (5) stages.
  • Five stages as listed were incorrect?

A popular alternative answer to the same question:


I have heard rumors and exhortations about requirements and documentation/testing but their incidence in practice is said to be low to non-existent.

As far as “designing” the program, isn’t bargaining what “agile programming” is all about? Showing users the latest mis-understanding of their desires and arguing it is in fact better than their original requests? Sounds like bargaining to me.

Anger may be a bit brief for “code the program” but after having lost arguments with users and told to make the UI a particular, less than best way, isn’t anger a fair description?

Acceptance is a no-brainer for “operate and maintain the system.” If no one is actively trying to change the system, what other name would you have for that state?

On the whole, it was failure to follow instructions and supply a description of each stage that lead to the answer being marked as incorrect. 😉

However, should you ever take the same exam, may I suggest that you give the popular alternative, although mythic, answer to such a question.

Like everyone else, software professions don’t appreciate their myths being questioned or disputed.

I first saw the test results in a tweet by Elena Williams.

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