Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition (Kindle Stuffer)

Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition, Peter Bailis, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Michael Stonebraker, editors.

From the webpage:

  1. Preface [HTML] [PDF]
  2. Background introduced by Michael Stonebraker [HTML] [PDF]
  3. Traditional RDBMS Systems introduced by Michael Stonebraker [HTML] [PDF]
  4. Techniques Everyone Should Know introduced by Peter Bailis [HTML] [PDF]
  5. New DBMS Architectures introduced by Michael Stonebraker [HTML] [PDF]
  6. Large-Scale Dataflow Engines introduced by Peter Bailis [HTML] [PDF]
  7. Weak Isolation and Distribution introduced by Peter Bailis [HTML] [PDF]
  8. Query Optimization introduced by Joe Hellerstein [HTML] [PDF]
  9. Interactive Analytics introduced by Joe Hellerstein [HTML] [PDF]
  10. Languages introduced by Joe Hellerstein [HTML] [PDF]
  11. Web Data introduced by Peter Bailis [HTML] [PDF]
  12. A Biased Take on a Moving Target: Complex Analytics
    by Michael Stonebraker [HTML] [PDF]
  13. A Biased Take on a Moving Target: Data Integration
    by Michael Stonebraker [HTML] [PDF]

Complete Book: [HTML] [PDF]

Readings Only: [HTML] [PDF]

Previous Editions: [HTML]

Citations to the “reading” do not present themselves as hyperlinks but they are.

If you are giving someone a Kindle this Christmas, consider pre-loading Readings in Database Systems, along with the readings as a Kindle stuffer.

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