20 Years of GIMP, release of GIMP 2.8.16 [Happy Anniversary GIMP!]

20 Years of GIMP, release of GIMP 2.8.16

From the post:

This week the GIMP project celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Back in 1995, University of California students, Peter Mattis and Kimball Spencer, were members of the eXperimental Computing Facility, a Berkeley campus organization of undergraduate students enthusiastic about computers and programming. In June of that year, the two hinted at their intentions to write a free graphical image manipulation program as a means of giving back to the free software community.

On November 21st, 20 years ago today, Peter Mattis announced the availability of the “General Image Manipulation Program” on Usenet (later on, the acronym would be redefined to stand for the “GNU Image Manipulation Program”).

Drop by the GIMP homepage and grab a copy of GIMP 2.8.16 to celebrate!


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