Stop Comparing JSON and XML

Stop Comparing JSON and XML by Yegor Bugayenko.

From the post:

JSON or XML? Which one is better? Which one is faster? Which one should I use in my next project? Stop it! These things are not comparable. It’s similar to comparing a bicycle and an AMG S65. Seriously, which one is better? They both can take you from home to the office, right? In some cases, a bicycle will do it better. But does that mean they can be compared to each other? The same applies here with JSON and XML. They are very different things with their own areas of applicability.

Yegor follows that time-honored Web tradition of telling people, who aren’t listening, why they should follow his advice.


If nothing else, circulate this around the office to get everyone’s blood pumping this late in the week.

I would amend Yegor’s headline to read: Stop Comparing JSON and XML Online!

As long as your discussions don’t gum up email lists, news feeds, Twitter, have at it.


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