#OpKKK Engaged: … [Dangers of skimming news]

#OpKKK Engaged: Anonymous Begins Exposing Politicians with Ties to the KKK by Matt Agorist.

From the post:

Over the last week, the hacktivist group known as Anonymous has been saying that they will expose some 1,000 United States politicians who have ties to the KKK.

On Monday morning, just past midnight, the hackers made true on their “threat.”

In a video posted to the We are Anonymous Facebook page Monday, the group began to release the names of those they claim have ties to the KKK.

In the video, Anonymous states that they are not going to release the home addresses of the politicians in fear of violent retaliation against the accused racists. But the group did release the politicians’ full name, the municipalities in which they work, and the addresses of their political offices.

While the video doesn’t come close to the promised 1,000 names, Anonymous did release a partial list.

It is rumored that Anonymous plans to release all the names on the 5th of November, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. Anonymous is synonymous with Guy Fawkes as the popular mask is used to shield the faces of its members during their broadcasts and protests.

I must admit I had my own doubts about #OpKKK when I heard the number “1,000.”

That illustrates the danger of half-listening or skimming a news feed.

The number was surely higher than “1,000.”

Turns out that #OpKKK means a direct connection to the KKK and not just supporting their policies. That was my mistake. Just supporting KKK objectives, the number would be far higher.

Take that as a lesson to read carefully when going through news stories.

Failure to release addresses

The failure to release addresses of those named, “so nobody gets it in their mind to take out their own justice against them” is highly questionable.

Who does Anonymous think is going to administer “justice?”

With 1,000 political leaders having direct ties to the KKK, who in the government will call them to account?

The position of Anonymous reminds me of Wikileaks, the Guardian and the New York Times failing to release all of the Snowden documents and other government document dumps in full.

“Oh, oh, we are afraid to endanger lives.” Really? The government from who those documents were liberated has not hesitated to murder, torture and blight the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Rather than giving the people legitimate targets for at least some of those mis-deeds, you wring your hands and worry about possible collateral damage?

Sorry, all social change invovles collateral damage to innocents. Why do you think it doesn’t? The current systematic and structural racism exacts a heavy toll on innocents every day in the United States. Is that more acceptable because you don’t have blood on your hands from it? (Or don’t think you do.)

The term for that is “moral cowardice.”

Is annoying the status quo, feeling righteous, associating with other “righteous” folk, all there is to your view of social change?

If it is, welcome to the status quo from here to eternity.

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