PSA (sort of): The Legislative Process

The Legislative Process

Nine videos from that break the legislative process into nine stages:

  1. Overview of the Legislative Process 5:09
  2. Introduction and Referral of Bills 3:19
  3. Committee Consideration 3:39
  4. Calendars and Scheduling 2:35
  5. House Floor 3:53
  6. Senate Floor 4:17
  7. Executive Business in the Senate 1:59
  8. Resolving Differences 3:29
  9. Presidential Actions 1:58

A civics class view of the legislative process but also useful if you are trying to pass a citizenship exam for the United States.

The videos are done using Flash so view them on a school computer that you don’t care about getting infected.

The biggest departure from reality (I read the transcripts, I did not watch the videos) is where the legislative process says:

Committee members and staff focus much of their time on drafting and considering legislative proposals,….

Some staff spend time on legislative proposals but any number of legislative proposals are written by law firms on behalf of their clients and then proposed by members of Congress.

As far as “considering legislative proposals,” recall the Patriot Act was passed without time for it to be read, 357 to 66 in the House and 98 to 1 in the Senate.

If you are asking a favor from a delusional person, you best share their delusion or at least appear to do so. Watch these videos before any favor-seeking visit to Washington, D.C.

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