Goodbye to True: Advancing semantics beyond the black and white

Goodbye to True: Advancing semantics beyond the black and white by Chris Welty.


The set-theoretic notion of truth proposed by Tarski is the basis of most work in machine semantics and probably has its roots in the work and influence of Aristotle. We take it for granted that the world can be described, not in shades of grey, but in terms of statements and propositions that are either true or false – and it seems most of western science stands on the same principle. This assumption at the core of our training as scientists should be questioned, because it stands in direct opposition to our human experience. Is there any statement that can be made that can actually be reduced to true or false? Only, it seems, in the artificial human-created realms of mathematics, games, and logic. We have been investigating a different mode of truth, inspired by results in Crowdsourcing, which allows for a highly dimension notion of semantic interpretation that makes true and false look like a childish simplifying assumption.

Chris was the keynote speaker at the Third International Workshop on Linked Data for Information Extraction (LD4IE2015). (Proceedings)

I wasn’t able to find a video for that presentation but I did find “Chris Welty formerly IBM Watson Team – Cognitive Computing GDG North Jersey at MSU” from about ten months ago.

Great presentation on “cognitive computing.”


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